INTERVIEW: The accountant

Interview #4

Every month we interview people that inspire us and a lot of others. This time we speak with Tushar who is an Accountant from Australia with a passion for fashion (@The_Everyday_Gent).


Tell us a bit about your Instagram. What's your goal with it and why'd you start inspiring others?

My Instagram is a reflection of my personal style. To be honest I started the page as a bit of a fun project posting photos of stuff I like to wear with the idea that it might provide some outfit inspirations to the everyday bloke on the street. The feedback from my followers was very positive and I’ve appreciated the support, which has encouraged me to continue posting.


You’ll notice in my photos there are a lot of Oxford shirts, T-shirts and sneakers.


Tell us a bit about your style. What do you prefer to wear?

I like to think my personal style is very casual and clean. I wear clothes that I feel comfortable in.  I’m not much of a “brands” guy, if I like it I will buy it, whether it’s $10 or $300. I also wear a lot of basics in neutral colours like navy, grey, black and white. You’ll notice in my photos there are a lot of Oxford shirts, T-shirts and sneakers.


What do you think about the Australian fashion scene? What do Aussies like to wear?

I am no expert but overall the Australian fashion scene is great. People are generally fashion conscious.  Let’s take Melbourne as an example; depending on which part of the city you are in, the fashion scene is different, I think that’s pretty cool.  You can see the influence of the surf and skate culture especially amongst Gen Y.


Summer is coming to Melbourne. How does your style change during the seasons?

Summer in Australia can get very hot.  Tees, shorts and thongs (not those thongs haha flip flops people flip flops, we call them thongs down here, weird I know!)

But this summer it’s all about Linen and Birkenstocks for me! Stay cool J



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